Motorcycle Crash Bars: What are They and are They Worth the Investment?

For years, motorcycles are becoming a top investment choice for countless people. Its size helps drivers weave through heavy traffic and is much easier to park. In addition, motorcycles are more fuel-efficient than the most economical hybrid vehicles in the market. Furthermore, experts declare that riding a bike will help burn considerable calories.

However, motorcycles are prone to accidents, leading to fatality or extensive damage to the motorcycle’s body. This might be because of a lack of balance, too much speed on a freeway, or even a simple fall when the vehicle is parked. This is why riders are constantly looking for motorcycle protection solutions to minimize the risk of spending an enormous amount on repairs or replacements.

Crash bars are one of the ideal equipment used to secure the motorcycle in case of an accident. These products are designed in the form of tubing and are directly installed in the frame or engine of the motorbike. Like the SW Motech Crash Bars, purchasing quality crash bars will allow the owners to have a safety barrier between the ground and the motorbike’s body.

Depending on the brand, the bars are typically made of stainless or mild steel and are produced depending on the type and model of the motorcycle. This is why it is mainly advised that riders should invest in crash bars that are customized to fit their bikes compared to those that claim that the bar will fit any motorbike.

Because of its function, manufacturers ensure that the crash bars are carefully produced to ensure that the product will be of high quality. This is usually started by making a prototype directly into the bike, ensuring that all proportions are exact. The prototype will then be used to create the welding model of the crash bar and can also be used for producing bulk orders. When the welding process is done, the bars are subject to a chemical pre-treatment process before it gets power coated. It will undergo a series of final quality tests before releasing it to distributors.


Despite the added weight, crash bars offer many benefits for those who will choose to have one for their motorbikes. It will mitigate any chances of sustaining massive damage from a fall, for starters. Crash bars will be able to uphold the force caused by the fall and limit the impairment of vital parts of the bike.

It will also add another layer of security to the fuel tank, which can be quite a hazard when punctured. Although it will not fully protect the tank in case of a crash, the bars can significantly reduce the possibility of getting the tank damaged. It will also help riders save much money in the long run. Repair and replacements for various motorcycle parts, especially the vital ones, are expensive. So it is better to invest the money in a long-term protective accessory than spend a lot on parts after a crash to get the bike in its previous condition.

To learn more about motorcycle crash bars and if they are worth the investment, check this infographic provided by Motorrad Garage.


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