BMX Bikes: What are the Common Types?

In the 1970s, children started running their bikes on dirt tracks, which led to the whole world of BMX bikes. BMX bikes are specialized for rough terrains, stunts, tricks, and dirt biking. 

They now come in very different types, of which some are discussed below. These types are largely based on the types of functions they are designed for. Whatever type of BMX bike you prefer, always prefer high-quality and original BMX bikes such as the Allied Action Sports BMX bikes.

  • BMX Racing Bikes

Racing bikes are considered one of the original BMX bikes. They are famous for BMX 350m racing. They are capable of running comfortably on tracks of short and high-speed sprints. 

BMX racing bikes are fit for tracks that have a lot of bumps. They can make multiple jumps and turn easily on banked corners. They go as fast as possible on incredibly harsh terrains. They are rugged and very lightweight. 

Their tires are knobby, and the front sprocket is large. Their tires are full of tread that enable them to maintain high-level grip and control.

  • BMX Freestyle Bikes

Freestyle races are competitions where bikes are judged on the basis of stunts, jumps, and tricks. Having a BMX bike on freestyle can increase your chances of winning significantly. 

Such BMX bikes are highly sturdy, which is why they are capable of surviving serious stunts and high jumps. Their strong frames enable them to survive harsh crashes as well. 

BMX freestyle bikes can further be divided into the following types based on their functionality:

  • BMX Freestyle—Dirt Bikes: These are BMX bikes that are designed for dirt tracks. Their purpose is not to run fast but to perform tricks on dirt tracks and take big steep jumps. They come with highly sturdy frames and wheels. 
  • BMX Freestyle—Vert Bikes: BMX vert bikes are also informally known as halfpipes. They are perhaps the best for tricks, including serious and hard tricks like flips, spins, and twists. 
  • BMX Freestyle—Flatland Bikes: These bikes are the best for one-wheeling on flat terrains. Flatland racing usually occurs on flat surfaces. They are mostly a bit more compact and smaller than other BMX bikes.  


BMX bikes are very easy to handle due to their lightweight. They are also among the bikes that can be easily customized and modified. 

The first original BMX bikes were the freestyles bikes. Ever since they have been modified extensively. Nowadays, they come in various sizes and types, usually depending on the purpose for which they are designed. 


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